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It is a cloud-based database software that has extensive capabilities of a data table for capturing and information display. I also have a spreadsheet and a built-in calendar to track tasks at ease. It easy to get hands-on with its starter templates on lead management, bug tracking, and applicant tracking.


It is a free, open-source database for data storage, insertion, modification, and retrieval. Also, Maria is backed by a strong community with active members to share information and knowledge.


Improvado is a tool built for marketers to get all their data into one place, in real-time, with automated dashboards and reports. You can choose to view your data inside the Improvado dashboard or pipe it into a data warehouse or visualization tool of your choice like Tableau, Looker, Excel, etc. Brands, agencies, and universities […]

Hubspot’s Service Hub

It has a customer feedback tool that collects customers’ feedbacks and reviews. Then they analyze the languages using NLP to clarify the positive and negative intentions. It visualizes the results with graphs and charts on the dashboards. Besides, you can connect HubSpot’s ServiceHub to the CRM system. As a result, you can relate the survey […]


It is a great business intelligence software that helps companies to make data-driven decisions. As most companies have difficulties in getting value from the data. The platform integrates data sources, including the local database, Hadoop, and NoSQL. As a result, you can analyze and manage the data at ease.


Semantria is a tool that can collect posts, tweets, and comments from social media channels. It uses natural language processing to parse the text and analyzes customers’ attitude. This way, companies can gain actionable insights and come up with better ideas to improve your products and service.


Trackur’s social media monitoring tool which can track the mentions from different sources. It scraps tons of webpages, including videos, blogs, forums, and images to search for relevant messages. You can guard your reputation with its sophisticated functionality. Please don’t bother to make cold calls or email pitch letters, and you still can listen to […]


Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks. The algorithms can either be applied directly to a data set or called from your own JAVA code. It is also well suited for developing new machine learning schemes. With GUI, it translates the world of Data Science to professionals who are lack […]

SAS Sentiment

SAS sentiment analysis is a comprehensive software. For most challenging part of web text analysis is misspelling. SAS can proofread and conduct clustering analysis at ease. With its rule-based Natural Language Processing, SAS grades and categories the messages efficiently.