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How can your healthcare organization utilize Data, Analytics & AI to deliver value & efficiency?

Member 360: Comprehensive Member Views

Implementing proven data models and best practices for a 360-degree view of members, enabling personalized care and better health management.

Enhancing Patient Outcomes

Utilize data, analytics, and AI to improve patient care quality and outcomes significantly. This involves leveraging advanced analytical techniques to understand and predict patient needs.

Operational Efficiency Through Data and AI

Optimize operations and resource allocation by employing data-driven insights and AI automation. This includes enhancing workflow efficiency and decision-making processes within healthcare organizations.

Healthcare Data Integration

Achieve a unified healthcare system by integrating Electronic Health Records (EHR) with other data systems. This ensures a comprehensive, consolidated view of patient information.

Health Plan Quality Reporting

Assist in transitioning to new HEDIS platforms and supported quality improvement initiatives like STARS and Pay-for-Performance (P4P) programs. Implementing FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) solutions to streamline data exchange and reporting.

Advanced-Data Solutions

Realize the full potential of healthcare data through modern data solutions. This approach aims to drive increased efficiencies, reduce costs, elevate the quality of care, and improve overall healthcare outcomes.



Only 35.24% of healthcare workers agree their organization uses data and analytical systems to support business decisions

The use of Big Data Analytics in healthcare

Did you know?

Up to 73% of data businesses collect is unused.

Our Solutions

Pragmatic, practical, and laser-focused on providing exactly what our clients really need.

  • Comprehensive Data Integration for Healthcare Excellence

    We specialize in assisting various healthcare organizations — from large hospital systems and home healthcare providers to dental practices, pharmacies, and veterinary services. Our expertise lies in integrating data from various Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) like Epic and Cerner, enhancing patient care, reducing readmissions, lowering costs, and boosting patient and physician satisfaction.

  • Building a Robust and Secure Data Ecosystem

    Effective healthcare goes beyond basic EMR reporting. True progress requires integrating diverse data sources, including payer information, public databases, and specialized datasets. Our services focus on constructing a sophisticated data infrastructure that supports the needs of data scientists, healthcare administrators, clinicians, and regulators, fostering a comprehensive view for decision-making.

  • Enhancing the Patient Experience

    We streamline the sharing of patient history and care data among providers, fostering personalized patient care. Our solutions offer a unified patient view by linking clinical, insurance, and demographic information, all within a secure, confidential reporting framework.

  • Optimizing Costs for Patients and Providers

    Delve into inventory, supply, and vendor data to identify cost-saving opportunities. Our analytics services aim to refine your supply chain, aligning it with the financial health of your organization.

  • Integrated Insights Across Multiple Facilities

    Aggregate and analyze data from various hospitals, clinics, and departments to gain insights into processes and outcomes. Our solutions help understand the bigger picture across multiple facilities, aiding in strategic planning and quality improvement.

  • Tailored Analytics for Healthcare Insurers

    For healthcare insurers, we leverage data to create customized insurance plans, offer personalized member experiences, expedite claim processes, and enhance customer reporting. This helps members make informed decisions about their coverage and health.

We understand Healthcare data.

HL7, FHIR, and EHR Data

These standards are the backbone of modern healthcare data interoperability, enabling us to harness their power to enhance patient care, operational efficiency, and data-driven insights.

With our expertise, we'll navigate and leverage these standards to achieve the best outcomes for your organization.

Analytics In A Regulated Industry

We understand the unique challenges of implementing analytics in a regulated industry like healthcare.

We specialize in guiding organizations through this terrain, ensuring that you not only meet regulatory requirements but also gain valuable insights and a competitive edge from your data analytics initiatives.

AI & ML In Healthcare

Harness AI and ML in healthcare with our expertise.

We excel in deciphering intricate healthcare data landscapes to provide advanced insights that enhance patient care and operational efficiency.


Interoperability in Healthcare: A Patient-First Framework

Data Ideology's case study outlines how they established interoperability in healthcare, focusing on a patient-first framework. By integrating various data sources, they enhanced patient care quality and efficiency. This approach streamlined clinical workflows, ensured compliance with healthcare standards, and improved data sharing between healthcare providers, benefiting both clinicians and patients.


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