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Weather Data

The data trends and patterns that help to track the atmosphere is known as the weather data. This data basically consists of numbers and factors. Now, real-time data is available that can be used by the organizations in a different manner. Such as a logistics company uses weather data in order to optimize goods transportation.

XML Databases

The databases that support the storage of data in XML format is known as XML database. These databases are generally connected with the document-specific databases. One can export, serial, and put a query on the data of XML database.


It is the big data term related to the measurement of data. One yottabyte is equal to 1000 zettabytes or the data stored in 250 trillion DVDs.


It is an Apache software project and Hadoop subproject which provides open code name generation for the distributed systems. It also supports consolidated organization of the large-sized distributed systems.


It is the big data term related to the measurement of data. One zettabyte is equal to 1 billion terabytes or 1000 exabytes.

Recommendation Engine

It is an algorithm that performs the analysis of various actions and purchases made by a customer on an e-commerce website. This analyzed data is then used to recommend some complementary products to the customer.

WebHDFS Apache Hadoop

WebHDFS is a protocol to access HDFS to make the use of industry RESTful mechanism. It contains native libraries and thus allows to have an access of the HDFS. It helps users to connect to the HDFS from outside by taking advantage of Hadoop cluster parallelism. It also offers the access of web services strategically […]

Risk Analysis

It is a process or procedure to track the risks of an action, project or decision. The risk analysis is done by applying different statistical techniques on the datasets.


It is the big data term used for Software-as-a-Service. It allows vendors to host an application and then make this application available over the internet. The SaaS services are provided in the cloud by SaaS providers.