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Mothers in Tech: Design your Own Work-Life Balance

The sad reality for Mothers in Tech is that 72% feel their careers still suffer due to childcare & family responsibilities.

Women in Technology: It’s Time We Stand Up for What’s Right

At Data Ideology, we have made a concerted effort to recognize and achieve high levels of gender equity in both leadership and employee level positions.

Gender Equality in Technology: Come so Far, Got so Far to Go

The World Economic Forum recently released the Global Gender Gap Report for 2021. The United States isn’t even in the top 20 for gender equality. Women only make up 14% of cloud computing jobs and 32% of data and AI positions.

Women In Tech: Getting Hired in Technology Roles

Applying for jobs can be challenging in any situation, but the task can be especially stressful for women in IT considering their underrepresentation in technology fields.