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Launching A Master Data Management Program: The Keys to Success

Today, many organizations have numerous applications and systems in which data, spanning multiple departments, quickly becomes fragmented, duplicated, and even outdated.

Implementation Fundamentals of Master Data Management

A well-known issue with legacy data platforms is what’s known as the garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) obstacle. As data began to flourish due to cheap storage options and increased digitization, data quality issues and fragmentation proliferated, creating GIGO issues that affected an organization’s business intelligence.

Winning Strategies for Data Governance Maturity

To progress to a future state of mature Data Governance and analytical capability, decision-makers should focus on starting with the integration of the data across an entire enterprise. A Data Governance program will be critical to support the continued growth of an organization.

Overcoming common Enterprise Data Governance challenges

Data is at the center of People, Process, and Technology, representing a crucial asset used by all three. Simply put, people should embed data in any project to ensure that organizations follow a defined road map around enterprise data governance; technology can also help enhance and automate several processes and transactions.

Gaining Executive Buy-In Through Data Governance

Data governance is a challenging topic and directly affects how an organization interacts with its data. Successfully applying a Data Governance strategy requires managing the dynamics of an organization that allows for organizational change.