Why choose Snowflake Cloud Data Platform?

By Mike Sargo

Chief Data and Analytics Officer and Co-Founder of Data Ideology  

There is no shortage of data warehouse technology platforms that can serve as the foundation for your organization’s modern data platform.

After working with organizations to help them evaluate their best option and taking into consideration their unique use cases and situations to modernize their data warehouse platform, we've discovered that many organizations don’t know where to start when doing a comprehensive data warehouse platform assessment.  Many organizations get overwhelmed with options and resort to the do-nothing approach.

Organizations are challenged to select a modern data platform solution that can outperform their existing platform or other traditional data warehousing solutions based on several key factors such as:

  • Performance & Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Affordability

We’ve seen organizations suffer with restricting their business based upon the limitation and features of their existing legacy data warehouse solution. There are a few common themes when working through the process with various organizations. Organizations are starting to see tremendous value as they begin to explore the possibilities that are available across the spectrum of the Snowflake Cloud Data Platforms in today’s business environment.

The Snowflake Cloud Data Platform has continually shined when it gets down to a head to head vendor evaluation. Some key factors that are driving the evolution of the Modern Data Platform is the capabilities enabled by the Snowflake Data Platform’s unique architecture and how it leverages the cloud.

The Snowflake Cloud Data Platform enables:

Instant Elasticity

  • Many of our customers leverage the ability to essentially infinitely scale storage to handle any volume of data.
  • The real value the differentiates snowflake data warehouse is the ability to adjust compute up or down as need and even automatically without disruption.

All Your Data, All Your Users

  • Snowflake provides the ability to create a “single source of truth” for all your structured and semi-structured data.
  • Another snowflake differentiator is the ability to have an unlimited number of concurrent users and applications without effecting performance.

Secure Data Sharing

  • Snowflake provide a secure data sharing capability to easily and securely share consistent and governed views of your data warehouse across all your entire organization.

Per-Second Pricing

  • Snowflake enables cost efficiencies for your data platform with the ability to not only adjust your compute resources up or down but also turn them on and off as you need them. This only has you pay for the capacity that you use.

Built-In Security

  • The built-in security can encrypt data from end to end in addition to the ability to revoke permissions to access data at any time.
  • Snowflake is also SOC II Type 2 certified as well as HIPAA and PCI compliant and FedRAMP-ready.

Complete SQL Database

  • Several customers like the ability to maintain their investment in the skills and tools you that they already rely on for their data analytics.

The Snowflake Cloud Data Platform has a unique multi-cluster shared nothing architecture that has been built from the ground up for the cloud that can run on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.  The Snowflake solution physically separates but logically integrates the three layers of the architecture from the storage, compute, and services layer.  The physical separation enables on of my favorite features with the virtual warehouse which are essentially virtual compute clusters.  I’ll plan to write an entire article about virtual warehouses.

With the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform your organization can easily make timely data driven decisions, get secure and governed access to all data in the platform, and with the ability to manage all of you data workloads on one platform.  

The Snowflake Cloud Data Platform will enable your organization with a single platform that enables:

  • A Modern Data Warehouse
  • Augmented Data Lakes
  • Accelerated Analytics
  • Integrated Data engineering
  • Secure Data Exchange
  • Agile Data App Development
  • Advanced Data Science 

Data Ideology can bring the Strategy and Expertise to Accelerate Your Insights.   



Written by Mike Sargo
Mike Sargo is Chief Data and Analytics Officer and Co-Founder of Data Ideology with over 18 years of experience leading, architecting, implementing, and delivering enterprise analytics, business intelligence, and enterprise data management solutions.

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