Tableau helps organizations access the information they need quickly and efficiently.  Empower your users to make informed data-driven decisions.

Tableau Data Visualization


Tableau combines a laser focus on how people see and understand data with a robust, scalable platform able to support the world’s largest organizations.

Faster Analysis
Enables faster analysis of the data by blending data from various data sources as needed.  The drag and drop user interface lets users easily create stunning data visualizations.  These visualizations can empower the non-technical users to tell stories with their data without ever having to learn how to write complex code.

Organizational Efficiency
The ability to access a holistic view of your organization's data can help leaders discover areas for optimization and opportunity.  Tableau enables the organization's data analyst to spend less time collecting and manipulating data and more time developing innovative solutions to drive efficiency throughout the organization. 



All Your Data and Users
Tableau supports data driven business decisions by delivering fast accurate data with an intuitive reporting and dashboard experience.  View real-time data prior to meetings to accelerate the data driven decision making process. 



Empower Employees
Data analysts and IT resources can spend less time collecting and manipulating data to respond to the never-ending stream of business requests for data and reports.  Business analysis can be proficient with minimal training as Tableau has a unified and intuitive user experience for non-technical users to interact with their data.



Trusted Data
Tableau is a modern BI platform that combine various internal and external data sources into a set of reports or dashboards that can be shared throughout the organization.  The business users can now access the same reports and dashboards ensuring the accuracy of the data. 


Competitive Advantage
Your organization can be more competitive when you can proactively manage your business performance and make fact-based data driven decisions.  Data is one of your organization's most valuable assets and the ability to quickly harness the power to support decision making is a game changer for many organizations. 




Tableau is focused on one thing - helping people see and understand data. Organizations everywhere, from non-profits to global enterprises, and across all industries and departments, are empowering their people with data.


The Tableau Suite of Products

The Tableau Platform consists of several products that are designed to enable users to integrate various data sources and create data visualizations that can be shared throughout the organization and externally. Here is everything that is included in the Tableau suite of products. Tableau Prep Tableau Prep allows users to prepare data for analysis by combining,

Exporting DATA from Tableau to Excel

No matter how beautiful and informative and actionable your Tableau visualizations may be, there will always be a person or use case for exporting data to a tabular format usually via excel.



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