Power BI

Leveraging a modern analytics and business intelligence platform requires a modern approach, getting it right can be challenging.

Microsoft Power BI


When Power BI is properly deployed business users are empowered with fast, accurate, and easy to understand data at their fingertips, adoption and organization enablement follows naturally.

Blending enterprise data and BI investments with self-service and ad-hoc analytics delivers the agility your business needs to keep up with the pace of change.

Advisory Services 

Driving Enterprise Adoption & Building a Analytics Culture requres much more than choosing Power BI.

  • Strategy & Planning,
  • Deployment,
  • Best Practices,
  • Governance Model
  • Organizational Structure
  • Business Case Justification.


Training Options

Training your team to increase competency and enable self-serve analytics in your organization. 

  • Power BI User Basics:
    • Custom Content Options
    • Video Tutorials
  • Power BI Foundations: 400+ users trained
  • Power BI Advanced: DAX and Data Flows


Asset Acceleration

Scale up and accelerate the delivery of Power BI content with our help. 

  • Enterprise Reports & Dashboards Development
  • As a Service Development
  • Integrated Delivery & Development 



Data Ideology transforms your business-critical data into rich visuals and interactive dashboards through Power BI. 

Power BI

Six Reasons to Consider Power BI Premium

Capabilities to bring together self-service analytics and enterprise analytics solutions.
Power BI

Power BI Download Options: App vs MSI

Many Power BI users don’t realize that there are actually two methods of getting Desktop on your PC.
Power BI

Implementing Power BI Report Usage Metrics

Ever wonder how often your Power BI report is being viewed? Set up a Usage Metrics report to monitor who’s utilizing your report.
Power BI

Exploring the Decomposition Tree Visual in Power BI

Struggling to get business users in sync about how to slice and dice a metric in a report?
Power BI

Exploring DEV / TEST / PROD Environments in Power BI

How to utilize Development, Test, and Production environments to release reports with Power BI.
Power BI

Power BI Reports vs. Dashboards

A common mistake for new Power BI users is not knowing the difference between reports and dashboards.
Power BI

Driving Power BI Adoption

Deciding upon and getting the appropriate tools is only the first step of the journey to a successful adoption.
Power BI

Five Questions You Need To Answer To Get The Most Out Of Power BI

You bought Power BI, now what?



The Tableau Suite of Products

The Tableau Platform consists of several products that are designed to enable users to integrate various data sources create data visualizations that can be shared throughout the organization and externally. Here is everything that is included in the Tableau suite of products. Tableau Prep Tableau Prep allows users to prepare data for analysis by combining, transforming,

Exporting DATA from Tableau to Excel

No matter how beautiful and informative and actionable your Tableau visualizations may be, there will always be a person or use case for exporting data to a tabular format usually via excel.
Data Management

The Value of Data Integration

Integration streamlines the data lifecycle to enable a data-driven organization by moving the data closer to the point of action.