Healthcare Payer

Data Ideology can help you navigate your data and analytics journey, from strategy to execution.

Healthcare Payer Data & Analytics Services

Strategy & Advisory

Develop a data strategy for your organization that transforms the way you leverage data to drive better healthcare outcomes.

Data Solutions

Realize the full potential of your data by leveraging modern data solutions to drive increased efficiencies, reduce cost, increase quality of care, and drive better healthcare outcomes.

Analytics & Visualization

We help customers visualize their data to support critical functions in their business, where actionable insights could be the difference between life and death.

Data Governance

Your organization’s data is the one thing your competitors can’t replicate. DI helps with the formal orchestration of people, process, and technology required to effectively integrate, secure, optimize, and utilize that information to create and maximize value.

Quality & Clinical Data

Whether its migrating to a new HEDIS platform, bringing clinical data together to support critical quality improvement initiatives like STARS and P4P, or even implementing FHIR solutions, we can help.

Healthcare Data Solutions

Healthcare Data Lifecycle

Data Ideology empowers healthcare organizations to optimize their data and analytic strategies through evidence-based solutions. We offer end-to-end strategic guidance for the entire healthcare data lifecycle with an emphasis on using analytics to inform decision making for the whole enterprise. Integration into a holistic data and analytics solution provides business leaders with a singular view that satisfies all healthcare enterprise data and analytics needs.

Insurance Data Solutions

Maximize Your Data's Value

Data Ideology helps healthcare payers realize the full potential of their enterprise data by breakdown silos and centralizing data. In taking on these initiatives, insurers are able to unlock insights that result in better patient outcomes and membership experiences.

We have worked with all business units within a healthcare payer’s organization including claims, clinical, provider and membership enrollment to maximize the value of their data. Our work has helped these organizations improve in vital areas such as:

  • HEDIS & Star scores
  • Care Management
  • Member Engagement

Healthcare Data Solutions

Implementing Best Practices

Whether you are struggling with siloed data or advanced analytics, Data Ideology can help you strategize, streamline, and implement best practices. The Healthcare Data & Analytics consultants at Data Ideology understand that your data is unique, and we will test and implement the best solutions for your specific situation by partnering with all levels of your organization to develop and implement our evidence-based solutions. This all-level approach allows us to quickly assess your needs and strategize with you to develop and implement a plan in a shorter timeline than other firms.

We don’t just work for you, we work with you.

Our Framework for Insight Acceleration



Our unique SWIFT FrameworkTM helps organizations rapidly identify, solve, and execute data and analytics solutions.



Our agile Data Consultants are deployed quickly and work together to deliver on the most demanding deadlines.



Data Ideology leverages our powerful strategic methodology with a team of data experts to produce real business outcomes fast.


How Healthcare Payers can breakdown their Data Silos

Siloed data hinders collaboration and can cause serious downstream issues affecting multiple departments such as enrollment, claims and reimbursement. This data fragmentation stops the payer’s ability to get a 360° view of their customer, making it difficult to provide a more personalized experience.

Is Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) the “Prescribed Burn” that Healthcare Data Needs?

In order to implement automation applications and other machine-based processing, data must follow an agreed-upon structure and standardization. The global healthcare community believes they are close to achieving this with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

Improving Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) Scores with Data Management

It is important that payer organizations continue to seek ways of improving their HEDIS scores year-to-year. One certain way of doing this would be to implement a proper data management system.