Data Science Consulting

Build smarter analytics and gain deeper insights to predict and forecast outcomes with AI and machine learning.

Data Science and Advanced Analytics Services

Predictive Analytics

We help you develop and solidify your goals, then share it with the rest of your team.

Data Discovery

Plan and prepare for the steps necessary to realize your outcomes, taking into account the possible obstacles and risks.

Automated Decision Making

Make important purchasing decisions based on our industry knowledge and experience.

Data Driven Testing & Design

Make extensive use of modern data and analytical technology.

Machine Learning and AI

Gain insights and drive automation into your business processes

Data Science Enablement

Learn and Focus solely on your single source of data.

Data Science

The Value of Data Science

Data science has been described as the "fuel" for industries. It's capabilities allow organizations to extract knowledge from a wide range of data types for the purpose of supporting machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

Data Science practices can be applied to a variety of industries such as healthcare, banking, finance, and retail. It has the power to transform an organization into a data-driven enterprise by unlocking their ability to forecast customer behaviors, create risk models and help to automate business processes. Modern organizations need data to move forward. By incorporating Data Science applications into a data ecosystem, organizations will easily improve business outcomes.

Data Science Consulting Services

Deep Insights Power Your Data-Driven Business

The Data Ideology team provides expert consultants who share their technical and industry knowledge to enable our clients to succeed with their data science projects.

Our data science team has the business and tech skills to quickly understand your business and deliver actionable insights.

We offer services throughout the data science lifecycle to accelerate your business insights with advanced methods and tools to transform your diverse data assets into advanced insights.

We work closely with business users to:

  • Select the appropriate training data set and prepare the data
  • Choose the right algorithm based upon the type of data and the amount of data.
  • Train the algorithm while adjusting the variable to produce accurate results.
  • Use the new data model to improve the accuracy over time.

Our Framework for Insight Acceleration



Our unique SWIFT FrameworkTM helps organizations rapidly identify, solve, and execute data and analytics solutions.



Our agile Data Consultants are deployed quickly and work together to deliver on the most demanding deadlines.



Data Ideology leverages our powerful strategic methodology with a team of data experts to produce real business outcomes fast.

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