Data Management Consulting

We find problems, develop solutions, and deliver results. Data-driven decisions necessitate the ability to interpret all of the data rapidly and accurately.

Data Management Services

Data Strategy

Accelerate your data & analytics strategy with our SWIFT Framework™ to rapidly identify, solve, and execute on your data and analytics strategy.

Data Integration

Consolidate data sources & eliminate complexity.  Accelerate and automate ETL/ELT to optimize your data integration.

Data Warehousing

Single Source of Truth to support analytics & eliminate data silos with scalable & flexible data models.

Master Data Management

Consistent business rules, data definitions, and processes to ensure consistency and quality of data. Strategic plan to prepare for the future.

Data Migration

Migrate from legacy platforms to modern data platform leveraging our Data Migration Blueprint to ensure you're prepared for every aspect of the migration.

Data Governance

Formal Strategy and Data Governance Framework to drive Enterprise Data Standards, Data Catalog, and Meta-data Management.

Data Management Consulting Services

Data Management Supports Accelerated Analytics

Data Management is about recognizing your data as an asset and one of your organization’s most valuable resources. You must thoughtfully collect, store, model, and govern your data in a way that optimizes the performance of your data-driven applications. These tasks will support the streamlining of your data lifecycle to enable a data-driven organization by moving the data closer to the point of action.

We help your business build a strong data foundation with our proven SWIFT Framework™.  This will enable your business to maximize your current data investments and accelerate analytics throughout your organization.

Data Management

Data Management Quickstart Solutions

We leverage our proven SWIFT Framework™ to quickly deliver a cross-platform data & analytics strategy that ensures you have accounted for all of the pieces of the puzzle helping to unlock the keys to success. This makes certain your organization starts with a strong data foundation to build on into the future.

Data Ideology’s Data & Analytics Quickstart is designed to provide faster time to value, lower risks, and reduce complexity. With a defined framework, scope, predictable timeline, and fixed up‐front costs, organizations can streamline the process and minimize time to insights.

Our process is built for speed and simplicity. Data Ideology’s Data & Analytics Quickstart will deliver a robust data strategy, future state data architecture, and in weeks – not months!

Our Framework for Insight Acceleration



Our unique SWIFT FrameworkTM helps organizations rapidly identify, solve, and execute data and analytics solutions.



Our agile Data Consultants are deployed quickly and work together to deliver on the most demanding deadlines.



Data Ideology leverages our powerful strategic methodology with a team of data experts to produce real business outcomes fast.


A 360-Degree Customer View: Personalizing the Consumer Journey

Although achieving a 360-degree view of customers isn’t a new concept by any stretch, retail organizations are still struggling to achieve this critical feat from a data management perspective.
Banking & Financial Services

The Open Banking Movement is Open for Business

When it comes to financial services, people’s lives can be somewhat fragmented. Depending on the situation, they might be juggling two or three different financial institutions along with several diverse financial products.
Banking & Financial Services

Data Solutions that Improve Risk Management for Banks

An extremely vital aspect of the banking and finance sector is their ability to manage exposure to losses & risk and to protect the value of its assets.