Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics

We help organizations accelerate their journey to become data-driven with the effective use of business intelligence (BI) and analytics.

Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics Services

Analytics Strategy

Strategy and planning using our prove SWIFT Methodology™ accelerate your journey to become a data-driven organization.

Dashboard Development

Report and Dashboard development using best practices to accelerate your analytics delivery.

BI Platform Modernization

Take a modern approach with modern business intelligence and analytics tools to increase capabilities.

Analytics Training

Custom content and training options from the basics to more advanced topics enabling your users.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage data from multiple systems to predict and forecast better outcomes.

Self-Service Analytics

Enable all users to analyze data and increase their decision-making capabilities with self-service analytics.

Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics Solutions

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence, Reporting, Analytics, Data Visualizations, and Dashboards enable businesses to unlock valuable insights by bringing the data closer to the point of action.

The Data Ideology team develops business intelligence and analytics solutions that automate and streamline the process of turning your data into valuable insights.

We work with the top data analytics tools with practice areas for Tableau & Microsoft Power BI. 

Modern Analytics Quick Start

Analytics Quickstart

Accelerate your insights with our Quickstart offering. In just a few weeks you could have the analytics foundation to continue to build capabilities into the future, shortening your time to value.

Data Ideology leverages a proven approach and our SWIFT Framework™ to drive better outcomes.

Our Data & Analytics Quickstart is designed to provide faster time to value, lower risks, and reduce complexity. With a defined framework, scope, predictable timeline, and fixed up‐front costs, organizations can streamline the process and transform into a data-driven enterprise.

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Our Framework for Insight Acceleration



Our unique SWIFT FrameworkTM helps organizations rapidly identify, solve, and execute data and analytics solutions.



Our agile Data Consultants are deployed quickly and work together to deliver on the most demanding deadlines.



Data Ideology leverages our powerful strategic methodology with a team of data experts to produce real business outcomes fast.

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Data Ideology is a woman-owned data and analytics consulting company providing life cycle solutions from Strategy to Delivery.