Microsoft Modern Data Platform

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation by Building a Strong Data Foundation.

Do you want to modernize your data-management capabilities using the latest cloud technology from Microsoft?

Our proven approach helps our clients evolve from the traditional Data Warehouse to a modern data platform in Azure. Our SWIFT Framework will help you map your path as we guide you through the process with consulting services from our Data Ideology team. We'll help you become agile and elastic enough to face today's data-driven business challenges.

We focus on an agile delivery of your data platform to deliver incremental value along the way and satisfy the needs of all stakeholders within your organization.

As your organization gains greater data availability and user adoption start, we accelerate growth as we help you scale with new modern business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Factory to integrate all your data into one place. A fully managed service to easily deliver unified data to azure data solutions.


Azure Purview
Microsoft Purview provides an integrated data governance solution that helps you manage and govern your on premises, multicloud, SaaS, and hybrid cloud data 

Azure Synapse Analytics
Azure Synapse Analytics combines data integration, enterprise data warehouse, and big data analytics into one powerful solution.



Azure Machine Learning (ML)
Enable data scientists and developers more efficient at building, deploying, and managing high-quality models. Accelerate time to value with (MLOps).



Power BI
A modern BI platform that combine various internal and external data sources into a set of reports or dashboards that can be shared throughout the organization. 


Azure AI
Azure AI, an intelligent cloud service designed for developers and data science professionals. Microsoft Azure provides an ideal platform for building and deploying your own AI solutions.



Azure Consulting Services for Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We're focused on Microsoft Azure, so we know the ins and outs of all the Azure data and analytic services and tools. So we'll help you find the most effective way to transform your business into an intelligent cloud-based operation.


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