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As technology has continued to evolve so has the capabilities of a modern data warehouse. Many organizations recognize the need to become more data driven and modern data warehousing can help enable the organization.

The proliferation of data and data sources is leading to several data challenges where organizations struggle to get the right data to the right person at the right time. Modern organizations have data that is generated by diverse data sources that are changing quickly. On top of that you have multiple business users requesting this data simultaneously to leverage in a variety of different ways including real time use cases. The modern organization needs a platform that can power analytical workloads with performance and scale reducing time to insights. Legacy data warehouses that have been developed with approaches and technology solutions that are decades old. These legacy platforms are simply unable to meet the demands of a modern data driven organization.

A modern data warehouse approach involves an entirely new way to load, integrate, manage, and analyze data. As an organization’s appetite for data increases and as business use cases continue to evolve many organizations need to get caught up by aligning the data warehouse environment to meet the new business use case and requirements. The modern data warehouse can blend the power of data warehousing with the flexibility and scale of big data platforms. The modern data warehouse can serve as the hub for all data (Structured, Semi-Structured, & Streaming) that enables a data driven organization.

A lot of our customers are moving to cloud-based data warehousing platforms such as the Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse platform. We’ve recently assisted numerous organizations in their journey to evolve to a modern data warehouse platform that can leverage the capabilities, elasticity, and cost efficiencies of the cloud that can deliver these capabilities at a portion of the cost with Snowflake and other cloud data warehouse technologies. A modern cloud data warehouse platform can enable your organization to develop and deploy advanced analytics solutions on top of your modern data warehouse that can easily adapt to rapidly changing demands, in any region, on any cloud.

"The modern organization needs a platform that can power analytical workloads with performance and scale reducing time to insights."

Use Cases

High-level use cases that can deliver value to your organization:

  • Self-Service (Easy Access to Data)
  • Timeliness (Actionable Intelligence)
  • Single Source of Truth (Collaboration)
  • Reduced Duplication (Collection & Manipulation of Data)
  • Data Catalog (Centralized Definitions, business logic)
  • Data Reusability (Strategic Reuse & Efficiency)
  • Data Models (Flexibility & Performance)
  • Data quality and accuracy (Completeness, Accuracy, Consistency)
  • Server Consolidation
  • Increased Scalability (Performance & Scale)
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Security, governance, and compliance
  • Data Sharing / publishing to 3rd parties
  • Real Time Data
  • Pervasive Analytics
  • Predictive Insights
  • Decreased Risk & Increased Governance


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Our Approach

Our High-level Approach to Data Warehouse Modernization:

  • We Identify your high-value use cases
  • Prioritize and validate plan to deliver immediate value
  • Integrated our team with your teams to accelerate the data warehouse modernization
  • Focus on modernizing existing data models first and start planning new data models
  • Accelerate leverage proven approach, templates, and tools

Methodology + Expertise = Insights Accelerated

Why Data Ideology?

Business and technology teams have been misaligned resulting in complex data environments, departmentalized solutions and multiple versions of the truth. Our team is comprised of both technology experts and business experienced consultants. Our project teams rely on the collective experience of Data Ideology to deliver accelerated insights.

Warehouse Modernization & Consolidation

Centralize your data, irrespective of its sources in formats that inspire usage.


Effectively manage the availability, usability, integrity and security of data.


Define a set of rules, policies, standards and models that govern and define the types of data collected and how it is used, stored, managed and integrated.

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