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Banking & Financial Services

The Open Banking Movement is Open for Business

When it comes to financial services, people’s lives can be somewhat fragmented. Depending on the situation, they might be juggling two or three different financial institutions along with several diverse financial products.
Banking & Financial Services

Data Solutions that Improve Risk Management for Banks

An extremely vital aspect of the banking and finance sector is their ability to manage exposure to losses & risk and to protect the value of its assets.
Banking & Financial Services

Accelerating Data Initiatives for the Banking & Finance Industry

With the rapid growth of FinTech organizations, the banking and finance sector are chomping at the bit to figure out a way to accelerate their data initiatives.
Banking & Financial Services

Data Governance: A Banking & Finance necessity, not a luxury

Just like most industries, banking and finance have forever changed due to the explosion of big data and the infrastructure required for processing such data.
Banking & Financial Services

Five ways Financial Services Can Benefit from Snowflake

Cloud-based technology like Snowflake provide financial services organizations with a much needed competitive advantage.