Modern Data & Visualization solutions reduce Call Center times by 50%

The Challenge

A leading supplier of promotional products was experiencing heavy delays at their Call Center. It took customer service reps 10 minutes, on average, to pull up order details and customer information. As it stood, the Call Center system was pulling information from multiple, disparate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. To compound the issue, these ERPs had limited search criteria and had questionable data integrity due to misspellings, incorrect customer information, and inconsistent formatting. Reps also had no way of visualizing Product and Customer data because the current system lacked this important capability. This, in turn, prolonged call sessions frustrating data consumers and, more importantly, customers.

The Conflict

A global retailer has disparate ERP systems and obsolete data models leading to siloed data. These issues are compounded by difficulties integrating data for Business Intelligence applications and a total lack of data visualization tools. These pain points are draining resources and causing customer service setbacks.

The Solution

After a thoughtful discovery session, our team provided proof of concepts (POC) that outlined the benefits of building a Call Center Dashboard that would allow end users to easily search, find and interact with customer information. We also determined that by consolidating the organization’s multiple ERP systems into a centralized repository, data silos would break down and data quality would improve.

Our team, in conjunction with key stakeholders, identified the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform as the best option to manage, store and cleanse the organization’s data assets. After migrating legacy systems to Snowflake, we successfully connected the platform to Power BI for enhanced data visualization capabilities. This allowed our team to develop actionable dashboards for the struggling Call Center. Finally, we provided a customized training which empowered end users with the skills to utilize this new technology effectively.


Equip customer service reps with trusted data and self-service data visualization capabilities to improve Call Center performance.

The Result

By leveraging our expertise, along with the modern data solutions provided by Snowflake and Power BI, we were able to improve the organization’s overall data quality and build a sophisticated Call Center Dashboard that provided customer service reps with timely and trusted data. Having the ability to refresh this dashboard with up-to-date information also allowed for real-time decision making. As a result, the length of customer calls decreased by 50% and increased productivity.

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