Clean Data for a Clean Energy Company in just 12 weeks

The Challenge

A leader in the energy conservation industry was plagued with legacy systems that could no longer meet the data demands of a modern organization. A near obsolete data model meant the client regularly struggled with integration, storage, and presentation of their data. With a highly visible, contractual project forthcoming, the need for modern data solutions was critical and immediate. How immediate? The client needed to be mission ready within 12 weeks!

The Conflict

An energy solutions organization was working with an antiquated data foundation. An upcoming project required the accelerated adoption of modern data solutions and time was of the essence.

The Solution

After a detailed assessment involving key business stakeholders, our team of data modernization experts were able to fully understand the current state of the data & analytics environment. Based on that information, we began formulating the data strategy, designing a sophisticated data model, and advised the client on the appropriate technology selection that would align with the business’s goals and desired outcomes.

Technology Used

Snowflake, Matillion & Power BI

The Result

By leveraging the capabilities of the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform and Matillion ETL, our architects and engineers were able to design a scalable data lake to centralize all data assets and increase ingestion speeds exponentially despite multiple data type and sources. As a result of this improved data model, our data experts were able to identify data issues and clean the data for use in reporting. With clean data to work with, the organization was able to harness the strength of Power BI to visualize data for their reporting and analytics needs.

Implementing these modern data solutions eliminated time consuming manual processes and gave back those resources for more value-added activities. This allowed the organization to provide better service to their customers and partners. And because of our expertise and proven frameworks, we were able to accelerate this transformation and meet the client’s 12-week deadline.

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